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Milos Island is for everyone covering every kind of tourism and offering unique memories!

One of the most famous attractions of Milos is Sarakiniko. Well known as the unique lunar landscape on Earth! It is located north, took its name from Saracens pirates and is one of the most photographed places in Greece. Selected fanatically for wedding photos and not unfairly since occasionally many of them have won awards in international competitions. If you are in love, do not forget to write down your love on the rocks of chalk and wish it to last forever! Lunar, wild landscape without greenery but with much light. You walk and for a moment you feel a bit like Neil Armstrong! Visit Sarakiniko, except in the morning for swimming, at sunset or even better on a full moon night and the colors that the volcanic rocks get, will surely enchant you!

Kleftiko... the Meteora of the Sea, is another unique attraction that you can find only in Milos! Accessible only by boat, is located in the southwestern part of the island and is a cluster of volcanic rocks. Old base for pirates, with unique morphology that is worth visiting and swimming in the turquoise waters or you can even discover its sea bottom. Get on a boat trip and you will not regret it!

The oldest and most important monument of Christianity is located in Milos and are the Early Christian Catacombs. They are located in Tripiti, three in total and they form an intricate system of caves of 180 meters. You can visit a part of them walking on a wooden platform and feel the awe that this unique monument inspires.

The oldest sulfur export business throughout Greece was in Milos, too. The sulfur mines of Victor Mela are located in the eastern part of Milos in a yellowish from sulfur beach. Creepy sight of the ruins from the abandoned factory and the machines, that is worth your ride. Do not forget to swim in the beautiful beach, too.

Some more worth visiting attractions of Milos are: the Ancient Roman Theatre where Milos’ Venus was found, the Venetian Castle where you can enjoy an unforgettable sunset, the picturesque Klima with the colorful boat houses and many more.

Milos is a large, beautiful and unique sight! All you have to do is "plow" the roads and let the human curiosity do its job!